Whether you are a regular or seldom user of weed, learning how to properly store it is perhaps as vital as knowing your favored strains or consumption techniques. When it comes to cannabis flowers, it is important to realize that you are ingesting a plant. This plant had to be cultivated, dried, harvested, cured and sold in a cannabis store before it can be smoked. Note that not storing anything properly that is intended for consumption will certainly have negative effects on the quality of the product and even your health. Weed storage can impact potency, taste, and the overall desired effects.


No matter if it is hot or cold, extreme temperatures can mean disaster for your stored buds. Generally, it is recommended to store your weed in temperatures below 21°C for short-term storage. In the scenario that you may need to store your buds for mid to longer periods, it is best for cooler temperatures around  12°C. When it comes to temperature, avoid abrupt changes because it can degrade the weed. Extreme temperatures can also dry out the bud’s terpenes and cannabinoids. Stick with the recommended middle ground of 21°C to 12°C for optimal storage and preserve the flavors.


Cannabis can grow mold in humid conditions, while it can also become brittle and unpleasant to smoke when stored in dry environments. Maintaining your weed’s color, scent, and flavor profile will be easier if it is kept in a controlled environment. The ideal humidity level for storing weed is around 59% – 63%. A device like a hygrometer can help with monitoring the humidity of your stored buds. Humidity packs are also a useful solution that can maintain a specific humidity level to prevent dry out, mildew, and mold.

Air and Light

Temperature and humidity are directly affected by exposure to air and light. UV rays will destroy your weed over time, it can break down the terpenes and cannabinoids in your buds. For this reason, it is best that you store it away from direct sunlight.


Dirty storage containers may harbor bacteria that might contaminate your weed. This can have far worse consequences than damaged buds but it can also harm your health.  Before using your containers, make sure they have been fully cleaned and sterilized. Maintaining a tidy and clean storage place can contribute to the overall cleanliness of your stored weed.

Use containers

There are various specialized storage containers available on the market, but you do not need anything fancy to safely preserve your stash. Glass is often regarded as the superior weed storing medium versus plastic or metal. In some cases,  metal may alter the taste and scent of the flower, while plastic generates a static charge that causes the plant to break apart and lose its trichomes, which are the crystal-like tips of the flower that contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

An airtight glass container is your best option for long-term results. You may even go a step further and get a UV-proof glass container. However, mason jars can work fine but keep the jar out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry spot. Aside from that, ensure that your stash fits tightly inside the container. Packing the jar as tightly as possible leaves minimal room for oxygen to become trapped within, which can affect the quality and humidity.

When it relates to weed storage, remember to use a well-sealed container and maintain the storage area by cleaning, managing the temperature, and keeping it dry and dark. It all comes down to cleanliness and control. It is vital that you use appropriate storage techniques to ensure that you receive the most value by having long-lasting, high-quality cannabis.