Cannabis enthusiasts may be creative with the sheer variety of cultivars, ingestion techniques, and accessories available. The numerous ways of consuming Cannabis can also allow those with medical conditions different options for consuming the plant. Each type of cannabis consumption has somewhat distinct effects and benefits. Recreational users that get their weed from the cannabis store may use the plant to prolong their high or intensify the benefits, whereas holistic users prefer the quickest-acting effects with the least amount of after-effects. Whichever the case may be, these are 5 different ways to consume cannabis:


Inhaling smoke from cannabis is one of the most popular ways to consume it. Smoking cannabis can give the user a great deal of control over their high as they can take one toke at a time till they feel they are feeling the desired effects. The high from smoking cannabis can occur within minutes, with it peaking at a range of 10 – 30 minutes and its effects lasting up to 3 hours. A way to smoke cannabis is by consuming it through a joint or a blunt where the dried and cured cannabis flowers are rolled into a cylinder shape. Another way to smoke cannabis is by using a pipe or bong. Pipes come in a wide array of materials such as acrylic, wood, ceramic, and glass. They are designed to have a carb hole to allow users to completely clear each hit. In contrast, bongs are much larger than pipes and offer refreshing and clean hits that pass through water before entering the lungs.


Vaporization is a relatively new method for consuming cannabis. Vaporizers heat marijuana to a temperature just below that of combustion. Instead of inhaling smoke, the active chemicals can be inhaled as a vapor. Vaporizers come in a variety of forms and sizes. Basic models are made of metal and require a flame to function. High-tech products use an in-built heating element and have temperature settings and other characteristics that can be controlled via your smartphone. The basic idea, stays the same, which is less heat than smoking. Vaporizers provide enough heat to release cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes while retaining practically everything else.

One common way to vape cannabis is through vape pens, which are typically pocket-sized and offer users a discreet way of consuming cannabis. They can fit inside wallets, luggage, and even the palm of your hand without attracting unwanted attention. Upscale versions may include configurable settings, and some can work with both dried flowers and a variety of concentrates. Vape pens are ideal for cannabis enthusiasts who wish to travel and/or keep their cannabis consumption hidden. Another way to consume cannabis through vaping is by using cartridges. There is no grinding and processing involved when using cartridges. Prefilled cartridges are ready to use. Simply insert one into a suitable device to experience a formula rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Cartridges save time, make vaping less noticeable in public, and provide a sophisticated manner to consume cannabis.


This form of cannabis consumption is similar to vaping in that it uses THC resins produced from the marijuana plant. It may be in the form of an oil, a soft solid, or a hard solid. A blowtorch is then used to heat a glass pipe or bong. When the resin extract is inserted into the pipe, it instantly produces vapor. It is believed that dabbing may produce a stronger high than smoking cannabis. Cannabis extracts used in dabbing are a type of concentrate that includes displacing and absorbing cannabis components into a solution. They could potentially provide a powerful high. It is best to be prepared for a high that will last far longer and strike much harder than one generated only from the cannabis plant.


Edible cannabis provides a whole different experience than smoking, vaping, or dabbing cannabis. The active phytochemicals go through the digestive tract to reach the bloodstream and brain. THC must travel through the digestive tract and liver after eating an edible. Since cannabis is ingested and absorbed differently than the other consumption methods, the metabolite is likely to produce a significantly stronger high that lasts for several hours. The effects of edible cannabis peak around two hours, although you might feel them for up to 12 hours.

Marijuana brownies have been around for a while, but cannabis is now being baked or added to a variety of foods. Marijuana plant oils may be utilized in cooking, baking, or just combining with food to make a range of goods that can be consumed orally or in capsule form. Cannabis stores are commonly selling marijuana-infused cakes, pastries, gummy bears, cereal, granola bars, and even chewing gum.


Topical refers to a wide range of cannabis-infused products that are manufactured and designed for skin application. Topicals, unlike smoking, vaping, dabbing, or eating edibles, should not be breathed or consumed. When someone does, they may not work as well as a product designed for ingestion. A cannabis-infused cream or balm, which may also provide skin care advantages, is one of the most common topicals you will find in a cannabis store. Other cannabis manufacturers have also added cannabis body oils, sexual lubricants, bath salts, bath bombs, sprays, and transdermal patches to the variety of topical cannabis options in recent years. There is almost something to suit all tastes and tactile senses.

Moisturizer topicals, such as a balm or cream, are excellent carriers for cannabis-infused oils since they absorb oils efficiently and distribute quickly on the skin. A spray-based product may perform better for those with oily skin and sprays generally contain alcohol as a solvent to help cannabis penetrate easier. Along with plant medicine, bath items such as bath bombs or salts can provide a relaxing self-care experience. They also provide for a full-body sensation as opposed to only addressing a particular condition such as a hurting knee or wrist. It is key to remember that they are frequently single-use items.

With different ways to consume cannabis, there is something for almost anybody. However, since there is a wide range of consumption methods, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The “proper” way of ingestion will be determined by the cannabis product, your tastes, and the intended experience. It may be best to visit a cannabis store and have a look at what is available and speak with those that have tried the varying consumption methods.