You may have recently purchased marijuana from your local cannabis store and may be wondering of a different way to roll a joint. Ranging from practical and efficient, to joints that are artistic and creative there are numerous ways to roll a joint. Here are 5 different methods you can roll a joint.

The standard joint

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned joint. The joint is arguably the most well-known technique to smoke marijuana since it is simple but efficient. All you need is some cannabis crushed up and a rolling paper, and you are done. You can fully enjoy smoking. However, if you are new to rolling joints. It is not as difficult as it appears. You can follow these simple instructions to roll the standard joint.

You begin with your choice of rolling paper and this will depend on your preferences as it will affect your smoking experience. Raw natural hemp rolling papers for example, tend to not give a bad flavor and burn slowly for a more prolonged experience. After you have chosen your rolling paper you can make a filter tip which helps prevent the marijuana from clogging up and keeps the marijuana from falling out. Once you have your filter you can place the weed in the middle and begin rolling the paper up, slowly tucking in the edges as you go. Once you have made it to the end of the paper, lick the adhesive stipe and place your filter at the end and seal up your joint. You are now ready to light it up.


Blunts are another method of rolling a joint. In most cases the process is very similar but there are some major differences. The powerful flavor and scent created by a slow-burning blunt might be overwhelming for some, just as the intensity of a bong rip is not for everyone. The inclusion of tobacco is a huge appeal for some blunt users. The outside wrap is usually made from a cigar leaf. This tobacco wrap gives you a nicotine buzz that some people find stimulating.

Due to the length and kind of rolling paper used, the flavor of a blunt is dank and resinous. A blunt has a lasting smokey flavor that can be combined with citrus and pine undertones from the cannabis. A notable taste shift happens halfway through smoking a blunt once resins have built up in the cannabis cigar and the hit becomes more strong and powerful. This intensity, paired with the slow burn, makes a blunt ideal for lengthy smoke sessions or smoking in a group. A joint may burn after a few passes, but a blunt will continue to smoke.

Twax joints

A Twax Joint is similar to a standard joint, with the exception that hash or cannabis concentrate is put to the interior, outside, or tip of the joint. This means that when it is burnt, it packs a massive impact, which is why it is ideal for those whose tolerance has risen to the point where they can not get the same high from even a full joint. In many respects, the Twax Joint is a good alternative to dabbing, which involves vaporizing waxes or cannabis concentrates using a specialized dabbing rig.

The two primary ways to roll a twax joint is where you roll the was on the inside and another option where you roll the wax on the outside. Rolling the wax on the inside of the joint involves spreading the melted concentrate in a snake-like line from the top of the rolling paper. Then place the ground up cannabis and spread them throughout the rolling paper covered with a thin line of concentrate and roll it up like a normal joint and you have a twax joint with wax on the inside. The second option is to roll the wax on the outside that requires a specific type of concentrate that is more of a sappy consistency which ensures that it will form in the correct manner. You create a long snake-like tub from the sap cannabis concentrate and place it around your made joint in a spiral shape and your twax joint with the wax on the outside is ready.

Cone joints

When the tip of a joint is broader than the mouthpiece, it is termed a cone. Since the cone joint is a counterculture icon, this style of rolling is preferred for anybody interested in the aesthetics of smoking. Most bad joints are as smokeable as a perfect cone, but one may be aesthetically pleasing while the other is merely functional. To make a cone joint, place your cannabis on the rolling paper and roll it up as usual. Begin by tightly packing one end of a long, thin cylinder of weed to make a point.

The cross joint

A cross joint is made up of two joints that are fitted together in the shape of a cross. As a consequence, there are three ends that may be lighted, and the user can have the novel experience of smoking two joints at the same time. While it appears to be magic, the method is extremely easy. Two joints are made one much larger than the other. The smalle joint should have the marijuana evenly distributed and the hole should be placed in the center. The large main joint should be placed about three quarters the way up from the end. Insert the twisted end of the cross joint into the hole in the main joint. Pull the cross section of the joint through slightly while using your fingers to hold the hole on the side of the rolling paper. Make sure the hole is aligned with the roach before you set it in place. If you do not accomplish this, there will be no route for air to move through. Tear the glue strip from a rolling paper. This is used to wrap the hole to seal the joint between the two joints. You now have a cross joint.

Rolling tips for the optimal experience

Now that you know how to roll a joint, there are a few things you should keep in mind. sure that the marijuana you are using is as finely powdered as possible. The finer the grind, the nicer the smoke from your joint. Second, pack your joint securely but not too tightly. If you pack it too tightly, air will not be able to move freely through the joint, making smoking difficult. If you do not pack it securely enough, your joint will simply break apart. Finally, while rolling a joint, always lick the adhesive strip on the rolling paper before sealing it together. This will keep your joint together and prevent it from unraveling.